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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jakks 18 Inch Ezra

Update: On another site, where I posted the link to this review, someone asked me about the holes in Ezra's back and if they all have them. The answer is yes they do, however due to the lack of sculpting on his back, Ezra's are the most obvious and it does not look as bad on the other figures. 

There are some figures where the holes are covered by cloth parts (31 Inch Vader for example) if you want these figures but the holes are to distracting.

Before I start, apologies for the grainy images, I have to cut them from a video as I do not have a camera, just a camcorder and it seems to be grainy when shot under artificial light so I will try to get better pictures for future reviews under better light until I get a camera. Also I hope my reviews are good, if not or I do not hit something in the review you wanted to know, let me know as that is how people become better reviewers.

Jakks Pacific has many licences these days, until recently I only thought of them as the makers of poor quality WWF figures, as they made those figures with horrible likenesses for awhile. Then Scott Neitlich moved to Jakks Pacific from Matty Collector and I read that they were behind not only the cool Nintendo figures, but those jumbo figures from DC and Star Wars. I had been wanting them, but had no clue where to put them then realized that I could put them in my empty living room just outside of my collection room and now that I no longer have a Masters Of The Universe sub, I can use that $35-75 a month towards these guys and I did. This is the first of many reviews of these jumbo figures. Spoiler: these are great figures!

18 Inch Ezra 
Honestly, one of the reasons I started the 31 inch line is due to the Inquisitor being on sale at my local TRU and this scale is no exception. Darth Maul was on clearance for $12 at Walgreens, and at my Wal-Mart, I saw the Ezra/Stormtrooper 2-pack for $7.50 so I bought two (one was for a friend). There are a few nitpicks that I will go into, but overall these two are great figures! Normally I would go into the points of articulation in the individual reviews, but since they both have the same articulation as all of the 18 and 31 inch figures that I have purchased, I’ll say it here so I do not need to repeat it for both of them. They both have 7 points of articulation: the head, the arms, the wrists, and the legs. This does limit some poses BUT due to the size of the figures this does allow them to stand even with their arms pointed at you. The head goes left and right, as does the wrists, and both the arms and legs only go up and down.

This figure looks like he jumped right off the television screen and into my house. The head sculpt is dead on, as his outfit. The sculpting of his boots and other attire are nice to. Although his knees look they can go left to right, they can not. He comes with a lightsaber that is“off’.

 Inside the package you will find the blue blade that can be placed inside it and also removed so you can have it either way and if you change your mind, you can change it.

 Now comes my gripes with Ezra. My figure contains some blemishes, however it is minor and does not bother me, I am mentioning it because I know some people do get annoyed with them, especially on more expensive items like this. His blemishes are all in his hair! Otherwise he is fine. My other gripe is that his lightsaber is permanently attached, I can live with this but feel if they were going this route, an extra hand without the saber might have been a good thing to include. As I said though, overall I really like this figure!

I would go into the review of the Stormtrooper, but since he is exactly the same as the 31 inch version that I also own, I decided to review them together soon. 

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